Venetian Historical heritage

Since 1986 the estate of "Il Castello" opened its gates to all guests who desired a different kind of vacation offering tranquillity and beauty in an environment of historical past and art. The Marinoni family intends to provide an environment suitable for each guest to find pleasure and relaxation.

Exclusive stay

The guest accomodations are offered in a seventeen hundred historical building, internally restructured to offer all modern comforts, separate from the main Villa. The guesthouse includes four suites, each having its own full equipped kitchen, private bathroom, one or two bedrooms.

Beautiful scenery

Most of the windows have a view of the wooded park and garden, a panoramic view of the entire valley surrounded by mountains called "Berici". The medieval walls, that surround the estate, enclose and oasis suitable for relaxation and meditation. The Marinoni family, who owns and operates the estate, offers a very warm welcome, in a familiar atmosphere.

Villa Godi-Marinoni

Villa Godi-Marinoni is an imposing 15th century structure erected by the count Godi on the ruins of a feudal Castle of the Count Bishop of Vicenza.

Lemon Orchard

The remaining structure includes the wine cellars and the massive stone walls, which enclose the main compound with terraces, a lemon orchard and an Italian garden.

The Chapel

The Villa is adjacent to the family noble chapel built in 1709, a beautiful example of the Venetian baroque style. The Marinoni Family has lived in the Villa since the 19th century.